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About Us

About Kiichin

Japan is a country not only famous for its rich and diverse culture, people of unite and discipline, but also highly famous for its unique and sophisticated cuisine such as Sushi, Sashimi, Udon noodles, Sake, etc. Therefore, the items appearing in Japanese people's kitchens helping them to make exquisite dishes is always the concern of many other countries. With the spirit of discipline and a focus on quality, Japanese kitchenware is always sought for its extremely high durability and for always applying the most advanced technologies.
Understanding international customers' desire to experience Japanese kitchen products, Kiichin provides a variety of kitchenware from the Japanese domestic market you need and constantly updates the latest models from leading Japanese kitchenware brands. You can get anything you want in just 1 click. We own a team of experienced cargo handling and always update the latest technology to optimize our process, ensuring products reach customers in the fastest way.

Kiichin's Vision

With the pride of Japanese people, Kiichin wishes that every home in the world will touch genuine, quality and reasonably priced kitchenware products from Japan in the quickest way and become your first choice when looking for a product for your kitchen.

Kiichin's Mission

Japanese domestic kitchenware is known for its elegance from the outside to the durability of the quality inside and is used by many families and professional chefs. However, buying an item directly from Japan that is only made for Japanese people is often difficult because of the risk of shipping or the high price. Therefore, Kiichin's prerequisite mission since its establishment is: "Helping everyone in the world to easily buy and use genuine Japanese domestic kitchenware at the most reasonable price".
Accordingly, the customer's experience and trust is always the goal for our staff to strive continuously every day. That is, in particular, how customers buy Japanese domestic goods must be both genuine, reasonably priced, good quality, and especially the payment and shipping process must be neat, fast, and safe.
Besides, we work hard every day to make the website more user-friendly, maximize user shopping needs and especially must constantly update new products, to ensure that "Customers want to buy any Japanese kitchen products, we have them!"
To carry out that mission, we set ourselves 5 criteria to guide our actions every day:

1. Guarantee of the origin or authenticity of the product

At Kiichin, we have a team to prepare goods and check the origin also the quality of the goods. This will ensure that the goods delivered to customers are always genuine and high quality. Customers are satisfied with the product, which is the motivation to work every day for the Kiichin team.

2. Guarantee of quick delivery

With the development of international express service, we guarantee the goods will be delivered to you quickly. Normally, it will take 3-5 days to prepare the goods. You just order, pay and wait to receive the goods. The rest is Kiichin's responsibility!

3. Guarantee of attentive customer service

Understanding that customers always have concerns and worries when buying international goods, our customer service team is large and ready to answer all customer questions quickly. We always rely on 3 criteria: Fast - Friendly - Understanding when responding to inquiries from customers.

4. Guarantee of safe shopping

Do you worry about the risk of information disclosure when shopping?
Do you worry that the goods haven't been returned when they have problems?
Do you worry about the situation of your order?
Please be assured that our website has been validated and meets global standards for safe experience. All customer information is completely confidential and all transactions are processed through Shopify and PayPal.
Besides, we have a tracking number for every order and a precise return & refund policy, customers can set their minds at rest when buying on Kiichin.

5. Guarantee of easy shopping

Shopping experiences on our website are always focused on ease, user-friendliness. Customers only need to choose, pay and wait to receive the goods. In addition, customers can easily review or give feedback on the product if there is any love or dissatisfaction.
Our grain team always pay attention to collecting user responses to improve the website, making the customer experience on our website always the most satisfying.